The Bottom of the Downward Spiral

downward spiralMore evidence of the steep end-times downward spiral appears every day. The character of human beings has been shipwrecked. There isn’t much time left.

Maybe 5 years, maybe 10, even maybe 50, but it seems quite clear that not a generation will pass, not even half of a generation at this point, before the image of God has been thoroughly snuffed out, squelched, and eradicated. At which point man will no longer have any purpose. The warning of Babel, of humans seeking their own glory. The warning of Lucifer, whose pride was his sole vice. These are now on display hourly. Not just by individuals, but by entire societies. Continue reading The Bottom of the Downward Spiral

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21st Century Atheist Faith & Religion Explained

21st century atheist religionThis article is written exclusively to creationists. Specifically, creationists who read more than a few sentences at a time. The assumptions (belief, faith, even trust) made herein are based on the theory of creationism, which postulates that the universe was – at minimum – designed by an intelligent designer. A theory consistent with the known laws of physics, such as the first & second laws of thermodynamics. Since the violation of these known laws has never been observed, we consider it anti-scientific to support any theory that assumes that said laws were violated. If you are not a creationist, you are hereby warned and forbidden to continue reading. You have chosen to make assumptions that violate the scientific method. You have chosen the weaker theory and are most likely delusional. So please retreat to one of your infamous echo-chambers. Perhaps spend this time with your dear leaders & priests at RationalWiki. They will certainly encourage and enable your religious trust, beliefs, and faith in the unobserved circumstances which justify ignorance of the known laws of physics. In other words, you’ll enjoy your time there much more than continuing here. Continue reading 21st Century Atheist Faith & Religion Explained

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666, The Ultimate Idolatry

Daniel Prophesied the End
We’ve already discussed the distinct possibility that 1844 marked the beginning of the end times.  In Daniel 12 the “sealing” of his prophecy includes this curious statement: “Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.” Further, we discussed the relative cowardice of many claiming to be Christian. The information age has brought with it some other curious dates. Continue reading 666, The Ultimate Idolatry

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Most American churches are State churches.

separate church and state
I’ll get right to it. Accepting tax breaks from the government makes an institution regulated by the state, including your church. A church regulated by the state is by definition a state church. Real Christian churches should not be regulated by the state. Continue reading Most American churches are State churches.

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Latter-day Saints are not Christians…

being lds doesn't make you ChristianLatter-day Saints are not Christians any more than a person standing in McDonald’s is a hamburger.

Our first post of 2016 is going to get back to some early basics of R2 theology and the most basic of those basics is that a denomination cannot define a follower of Christ. I tweaked a quote from Keith Green from the message below.

Continue reading Latter-day Saints are not Christians…

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