Pop-Christianity vs. Jesus

what if Christians stopped apologizing for truth?

On the right is one of the many pop-Christianity memes and themes of the 21st century.  Moral relativism can and is “simmering” into mainstream “orthodoxy” the same way that feminism, divorce, and homosexuality have. Perhaps being the end times we should all sing Kumbaya and await Jesus’ return, God knows how tempting that is! Continue reading Pop-Christianity vs. Jesus

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Information Age Knowledge, You Get What You Pay For

Knowledge without wisdom is mental illness

Darwinists can be so contradictory. While what I’m about to say will doubtlessly infuriate the Darwinists, it will also doubtlessly make me sound like a Darwinist. So ironic.

Human beings did not evolve in a world of instant information. Knowledge was earned, and often paid for dearly in all but the last few centuries. To put it another way, however we acquired our design, we are not designed to assimilate knowledge without effort. For 99+% of human history the process of acquiring knowledge has demanded effort, cost, and sacrifice. Since the information age got into full swing around about 1844 there has been a growing pile of steaming “knowledge” available for free! Not only is there no longer any effort required in gaining this knowledge (Daniel 12:4), but there’s more of it than any human could possibly consume in an entire lifetime!

Even our educational system has been reorganized in such a way as to be a conduit for this “global brain” of the information age. Our esteemed scientific community has initiated project “peer-review” to ensure that the gateway of information into the “global brain” is guarded by “benevolent” and “omniscient” sentries whose only “incorruptible” purpose in life is to protect the sanctity of this information.

As a Christian, I notice a terrible problem with all of this “knowledge.” The problem being, the disproportion, perhaps even absence, of wisdom in the process. Continue reading Information Age Knowledge, You Get What You Pay For

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Why did Putin pull out of Syria?

putin pulled out of syria to affect American electionsIn a move that has been surprising to some, Vladimir Putin has announced that he is pulling troops out of Syria. This is surprising for some, because some are not able to imagine the mentality of a dictator that has no term limits and simply waits out American election cycles to expand his power. He has played the west for complete fools, and I cannot disagree with him.

Before I go further, I should explain what I mean by Putin having no term limits. This is probably obvious to most readers, but probably not to all. While Putin’s Russia pretends to have elections and Presidents, and “term limits”, Medvedev (prior president, now pm) is barely more than a puppet. Putin is a dictator, plain and simple.

Now with that behind us, consider carefully the move here. The United States has come to election season and things aren’t looking too good for Vlad’s other puppets, the Democrats. That is unless of course you count Donald Trump as another Democrat. Putin has no term limits, no concern about elections, and he has American progressives nearly as trained to rollover and play dead as Medvedev. So, what does a chess-master like Putin do? He talks “peace”, he “pulls out” of Syria with time to spare going into a debate season Continue reading Why did Putin pull out of Syria?

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End of the World 2018

end of the world 2018What can I say? This stuff is really intriguing. It’s hitting the news faster than I can type. Anne Graham Lotz, Tony Evans… a lot, it seems maybe most, celebrity Christians believe the end is near.

Of course, Christians will always stop short of certainty on the matter, as we have consistently, but since my good friend Les has spent so many keystrokes describing some pretty complicated math, some original, some not so original, I simply must convey the obvious here. As Psalm 90 says: “Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away.”  So if the 1948 establishment of Israel is the “fig tree” that Jesus spoke of. Then 1948+70=2018, the beginning of a 10 year window of a generation.

2018 is coming fast and from the look of the the world there are about a million ways things might go badly very soon.

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