When Retirement Becomes Too Important

retirement vs. progenyBeing responsible is a virtue, but can also be incredibly selfish when it is no more than a means to an end. Personal responsibility used to be a necessity. Failing to provide for oneself could result in discomfort and even death. However, with modern “progress” as we know it the necessity of personal responsibility has become more optional and with that even those that practice it do so with a great degree of misunderstanding of its purpose. Much like a modern yuppy running on a treadmill or pumping iron on some fancy piece of modern “fitness furniture” rather than doing actual productive work, those practicing fiscal responsibility today have engaged in a very synthetic process. Continue reading When Retirement Becomes Too Important

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Jezebel + Ahab = Fail

ahab + jezebel = failThere’s a saying that The Church cannot be destroyed from the outside. The point being that if it fails, it fails from the inside. I’ve personally witnessed a lot of these failures. Not just in different churches, but in families, partnerships, workplaces, schools, and other ministries. The culprit can usually be summarized as some combination of a Jezebel spirit and an Ahab spirit. Here’s why. Continue reading Jezebel + Ahab = Fail

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3 Things Christians Needed to Make a Priority Yesterday!

defcon 21. Atheism IS a religion. The reason atheists get their priorities enforced by the government, despite being a loud minority, is because they claim to not be subject to the “separation of church and state” by choosing a very specific and arguably incorrect definition of “religion”. If true Christians don’t reject their propaganda they will soon outlaw most expressions of our faith in favor of theirs.

2. Churches SHOULD NOT accept tax-exempt status. It’s fascinating that the very “shepherds” charged with teaching the “sheep” about faith cling to tax-exemptions as though they could not survive without them. Pinocchio, meet your strings. We’ve already written about this in detail, but this is a great opportunity to sound the alarm again.

3. A “church” isn’t The Church, The Body, or The Fellowship of the Saints. Especially not “mega-church“. Do not be guilted and manipulated by the Jezebel, Ahab, “the great harlot”, or “Babylon the Great” and definitely don’t be guilted by “clergy” as though you owe them the same allegiance that we give to our “One Teacher” (Matthew 23:10).

Please consider these carefully and pray about asking your friends at your churches if they’d help you try to improve their local fellowship by not tolerating these things.


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A Response to Bibliolatry

honest abe on the internetOn 4/14 at 7:07 AM Jeff wrote in response to the 96 Theses statement:

“Again: Why are Paul’s miscellaneous and often random organizational precepts, which in fact, if not in practice, have long been obsolete and dead in themselves…”

…his full, unedited rebuke is available there: and can be summed up as: “What we need is reformation from the likes of you and your ilk.

This is my response to his zealous rebuke.

Dear Jeff, Continue reading A Response to Bibliolatry

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