Your SCOTUS loves money and hates babies.

scotus legalizes bribery and corruptionCongratulations America, the Supreme Court justices unanimously believe that receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars because of your public prominence is perfectly legal because (wink-wink), nobody can prove that your actions have been bought. Simultaneously they do not believe that a sovereign state has any right to exercise regulatory oversight to lethal procedures performed by those licensed within their borders. Your drainage ditch can be regulated, but medical procedures cannot? Emperor SCOTUS has spoken.

The irony of the attached image is really incredible. The site is called “conservatives are destroying our future”. Incredible. From a secular perspective what sort of vile arrogance must one have to believe that the values that made America great are contemptible enough to “destroy America?” Continue reading Your SCOTUS loves money and hates babies.

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Atheism Kills

atheism killsI nearly posted an article claiming that it was certain that the UK would never pull out of the EU. Obviously I’m glad I didn’t speak so certainly after-all.

It’s frankly amazing that they did this. It’s so amazing because socialism is so arrogant. Socialism creates systems that preclude any possibility that it could ever be criticized. Just like a gambling casino, the house never loses, but lots of others do. Just like gambling, only a few win at all.

We could split hairs at the definition of “socialism”. We could quote Marx or Stalin, Mao Zedong or Hillary Clinton. A generally functional definition of socialism is that it is the antithesis of capitalism. I have a Biblical definition. Any system that replaces “love your neighbor as yourself” with “pay the government (or else) to love your neighbor so you don’t have to.” Continue reading Atheism Kills

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Regularly Scheduled Programming, Already in Progress.

regularly scheduled programmingDon’t think you’re being programmed? Are you sure?

Imagine you are at a busy intersection and the lights in all directions suddenly turn green. You know someone else would go running into someone, but do you  have the wherewithal to recognize that that someone may well be you?  It takes humility to recognize our own weaknesses, but as readers of this site I suspect you’ve got what it takes, after-all there’s not a lot of pandering to be found here. Since pandering is for egotists lack thereof tends to scare them off in short order.

I lived and drove in a third world “left-side” Country where even if there were a stop sign or traffic light nobody would pay any attention to it. Rest assured, the colors on the lights aren’t going to cause them to run into each other. Continue reading Regularly Scheduled Programming, Already in Progress.

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Omar Mateen makes the NRA’s point in more ways than one.

Omar Mateen why 2nd Amendment exists.I’m the “bad cop” of this site when it comes to political issues. We really want to focus on the spiritual, but I really don’t want to become “too heavenly minded to be any earthly good.” So here’s a brief and practical commentary.

Under the motto of not letting “a good crisis go to waste” our politicians are babbling on about how their laws can save us. Calling it “common sense” and the like. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that common sense is something they are lacking. Continue reading Omar Mateen makes the NRA’s point in more ways than one.

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A Good Tree Cannot Bear Bad Fruit

good trees don't bear bad fruitA good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” – Matthew 7:18 (KJV)

Picture Jesus speaking King James’ English for a second. Ok, stop. Funny stuff.

So much of our understanding of scripture is skewed by our lack of understanding of primitive living. I say primitive with the utmost respect. In Jesus’ time, and for thousands of years up until just recently, it would be common knowledge how to provide for oneself. How to get food, what was safe to eat, what wasn’t. Continue reading A Good Tree Cannot Bear Bad Fruit

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Tyranny, Toilets, and Tolerance

obama toiletsIf you are reading this you’ll not need help realizing that our nation is in trouble. In fact, we’re just preaching to the choir when it comes to the corruption of our nation’s leadership. They see us as sheep that “can’t handle the truth” so they don’t tell the truth.  What I hope is that as you read this post you won’t only let it reinforce what you already know, but that you’ll possibly adjust your strategy for responding to it. Continue reading Tyranny, Toilets, and Tolerance

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