Come out of her God’s people.

come out of her my peopleIt’s the late 1700s and Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great, rules Russia. She ruled Russia for more than 30 years.

During her reign she oversaw the development of areas of Southern Russia. At this point in history European pacifist Christians were being persecuted Continue reading Come out of her God’s people.

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When Cain Killed Abel

can killed abel and this envy and hatred has been rampant ever since.Cain killed Abel and this envy and hatred has been rampant ever since.

Last year I wrote an article that touched on the story of Cain and Abel and how it applies to the battle unfolding in modern times. Recent events continue to confirm that side-note from my post last year and merit further elaboration.

It’s no surprise to any believer that the 1st commandment is meaningless to atheists and agnostics alike. Putting God first is a value that is exclusive to believers Continue reading When Cain Killed Abel

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Happy Independence Day. This post will serve as a brief indulgence as I geek-out yet again on science. If this isn’t your cup-a-tea please spare yourself the agony, put down your “smart” phone, and get to the yard work and grill scraping. I’ll be right behind you.

21st century idolatry, science worship
Above pictured is Poussin’s rendition of worshiping the golden calf. Look at them celebrate and revel in the self-assurance that comes from having made ones own god with ones own hands. Beware, our 21st century golden-calves are far more offensive and destructive than the one the Israelites erected in the desert. The manufactured and temporary perspective of the above revelers has nothing on what our globalized technological machine has produced for us. Manufactured, because idols are by definition man-made, and temporary because they never live up to their exaggerated billing. Continue reading Perspective

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