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Your SCOTUS loves money and hates babies.

scotus legalizes bribery and corruptionCongratulations America, the Supreme Court justices unanimously believe that receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars because of your public prominence is perfectly legal because (wink-wink), nobody can prove that your actions have been bought. Simultaneously they do not believe that a sovereign state has any right to exercise regulatory oversight to lethal procedures performed by those licensed within their borders. Your drainage ditch can be regulated, but medical procedures cannot? Emperor SCOTUS has spoken.

The irony of the attached image is really incredible. The site is called “conservatives are destroying our future”. Incredible. From a secular perspective what sort of vile arrogance must one have to believe that the values that made America great are contemptible enough to “destroy America?” Continue reading Your SCOTUS loves money and hates babies.

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Regularly Scheduled Programming, Already in Progress.

regularly scheduled programmingDon’t think you’re being programmed? Are you sure?

Imagine you are at a busy intersection and the lights in all directions suddenly turn green. You know someone else would go running into someone, but do you  have the wherewithal to recognize that that someone may well be you?  It takes humility to recognize our own weaknesses, but as readers of this site I suspect you’ve got what it takes, after-all there’s not a lot of pandering to be found here. Since pandering is for egotists lack thereof tends to scare them off in short order.

I lived and drove in a third world “left-side” Country where even if there were a stop sign or traffic light nobody would pay any attention to it. Rest assured, the colors on the lights aren’t going to cause them to run into each other. Continue reading Regularly Scheduled Programming, Already in Progress.

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“Editing” Embryos, Ethnic Cleansing for the 21st Century

Embryo Mutilation Ethnic CleansingThe HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) in the UK has opened Pandora’s Box further than ever by authorizing human fetus mutilation via the CRISPR/Cas9 process in a race between science and morality as though the two must necessarily be mutually exclusive. 2016 is really set to be a horror show – as we know – nowadays science always “wins” that race. Continue reading “Editing” Embryos, Ethnic Cleansing for the 21st Century

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The Bottom of the Downward Spiral

downward spiralMore evidence of the steep end-times downward spiral appears every day. The character of human beings has been shipwrecked. There isn’t much time left.

Maybe 5 years, maybe 10, even maybe 50, but it seems quite clear that not a generation will pass, not even half of a generation at this point, before the image of God has been thoroughly snuffed out, squelched, and eradicated. At which point man will no longer have any purpose. The warning of Babel, of humans seeking their own glory. The warning of Lucifer, whose pride was his sole vice. These are now on display hourly. Not just by individuals, but by entire societies. Continue reading The Bottom of the Downward Spiral

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The Life Expectancy Lie

babies in wombI know it’s Christmas Eve and everyone will be wanting to read something jolly today. If so, please save this for the new year as your thoughts turn to the condition of our world.

In my last podcast I shared a bit about the humanistic and atheistic arrogance of our medical community and as usual I continued to research the statements I made afterward to be sure that I did not mislead. Unlike edits and retractions that I may have to sometimes post, in this case, my mistake was to understate the problem and rather than continue to discuss our nation’s vaccination tower of Babel, I’d like to point out an even bigger lie that some of this is based on. The claim that medical science is to thank for “longer life expectancy.” Continue reading The Life Expectancy Lie

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1844, the telegraph, and the end-times.

telegraph circa 1844 end-timesThen I heard a holy one speaking; and another holy one said to that certain one who was speaking, ‘How long will the vision be, concerning the daily sacrifices and the transgression of desolation, the giving of both the sanctuary and the host to be trampled underfoot?’

 And he said to me, ‘For two thousand three hundred days; then the sanctuary shall be cleansed.'” – Daniel 8:13-14

The year 1844 is referred to as the “Year of Disappointment” because so many Christian adherents expected Jesus to return then. The math of Daniel adds up exactly to the birth of Christ, and extrapolating the same logic the “end times” lands at the year 1844. It is some pretty convincing math.

Daniel 12:4 goes on to state: “But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.

Something did happen in 1844, on May 24th, 1844 Samuel Morse sent the first city-to-city telegraph message. The message was: “What hath God wrought?” This short post will serve as a “what if” sort of thought, not a “thus sayeth the Lord” sort.

What if the beginning of the end-times is heralded by the first electronic communication medium?

Obviously, if that is true then we are living in the end. Other prophesies do seem to point to this, such as the Fig Tree prophecy of Matthew 24. The information age really began in 1844. Isn’t it a bit curious that Daniel is told to “seal up the words of the scroll until the time of the end” with a follow-up about going “here and there to increase knowledge“? What better way to “seal up” this prophecy than to connect two concepts that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else until May 24th, 1844?

The information age has caused an unprecedented and drastic change of human lifestyle that couldn’t even have been imagined for the millennia proceeding it. So I find this pretty profound myself. I’ve wrestled for years now to reconcile the progressive ideas that are spawned via globalized group-think with my Christian values as taught by Jesus, all with no success. What’s worse is the ideas of today – ie. abortion, pornography, atheism – are so drastically corrosive to spiritual sensitivity that they render the internet and broadcast cable a demonic weapon of mass destruction.

So my pet theory is this. In 1844 the end-times did begin. 100 years later, the fig tree blossomed, and Jesus could return like a thief any minute now. In the meantime, I will attempt to belay the demonic philosophies conveyed via mass electronic communications with little to nothing to show for it. But it’s all worth it if just you – one person – will read this and realize:

“Look, I am coming soon!”Revelation 22:7

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Witchcraft in the 21st Century

Everyone is religiousThe dark side of religion is that everyone is religious. Especially those that claim not to be.

The Salem witch trials of the late 1600s have become allegorous to primitive ignorance and religious dogma and to some degree rightfully so. Yet do you realize the last of the blatant witch trials happened little more than a century ago? I mean a downright “casting spells that hurt me” kind of criminal trial. Unless you were born pretty recently you’ve probably known someone that was alive then. Though they are all certainly gone now, since as Genesis 6:1 amazingly notes: “their days will be a hundred and twenty years”.  More on that in a moment, but the generally recognized “last witch trial” occured in 1878, and of course in Salem and of course in Massachusetts. Much later than I bet most of you would have guessed. Knowing what I do about history and the propensity for it to represent dogma itself, you can bet that in some other place besides Salem the practice of labeling religious adherents as criminals has continued far beyond that date.

In my previous post I pointed out that anti-creationist views are in high demand. Society gobbles them up like iPhones. Yet in the process of denying any religious affiliation they all become affiliated with each other with religious fervor. A prominent cultural historian recently pointed out that Apple is “obviously a cult“. I wouldn’t go so far as to point to one specific company or product, but I’ll suggest that he is on the right track. The proudly “irreligious” among us can be some of the most fervently sacramental of all.

Herein lies the 21st century  witchcraft, which really isn’t much different than the 20th century witchcraft, or the 1st century for that matter:

“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. They are from the world and therefore speak from the viewpoint of the world, and the world listens to them. We are from God, and whoever knows God listens to us; but whoever is not from God does not listen to us. This is how we recognize the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood.” – 1 John 4:4-6

You see, there really is only “one” on each side of this equation. There’s God and then there is Satan. People worship one or the other. There is no “neither”, there is no middle-ground. In fact many believe they can do both, but Jesus warned:

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. ” – Matthew 7:21

So how does this modern day witchcraft work? Just like ancient witchcraft I suspect there are many different spells, incantations, formulas, and concoctions. Here are two:

1. Character = Ideology:

Almost 20 years ago, in my first post-graduate job, my Christian boss told me something that sounded very wise. He said: “I don’t need to worry about skills. You give me someone with character, and I’ll give them the skills.”

For years I believed that. Then as I grew into the talents that God had given me I tried to apply it. I tried and tried to give my skills to colleagues and subordinates – especially the ones I liked – usually with little success. To some degree I still believe what he said is true, but now I see what it is code for. It is code for religious discrimination, being Christian = character, therefore I won’t hire you if you’re not Christian. Which in some cases may be important. You can’t exactly maintain a Christian organization under the leadership of a bunch of professing Atheists can you? Catholic Charities tries to, take a look at how that is working out. Yet what happens in a non-Christian organization that applies this principle? Then it is applied using their own religion (ideology).

It is also code for: “God doesn’t dole out talents, I do.” The religion of secular humanism. The original sin of Cain that I mentioned in my previous post. What is it really code for? It is code for: “I am the only god”.

In this religion character is interchangeable with ideology. Some actual thoughts may go like this: “I don’t care if you answer math questions correctly, you agree that babies should not be protected from murder, so congratulations you’re our new accountant!” Or perhaps worse: “I don’t care that you have cheated on your different wives, embezzled money, and are addicted to pornography. You’ll let me put my words in your mouth, congratulations you’re our new pastor!”

As you might imagine, in an environment as corrupt as this, from time-to-time the question of capability may still arise. The snake-oil salesmen, witches, and warlocks have to demonstrate their power on occasion after all. That’s when they begin the religious activity of “speaking in tongues”. Everyone is in on the charade. So when they fail to raise the dead, or heal the blind (see previous post) then the power of their religion gets the world to listen to them as described above in 1 John 4. “So what if my nephew can’t actually perform a successful separation of co-joined twins. Could you?” Well, no, but an actual surgeon could. Just as an actual follower of Christ does “bear good fruit”. The coven of the corrupt bear bad fruit, and they do so because they are corrupt. Much like Cain, they refuse to use the talents God actually gave them to do what God asks them. Instead they expend themselves in deceiving the world with fake “signs and wonders” and usually make a pretty good living doing it.

2. Ideology = Character:

So once we have invented our own “creation” where we are gods and our words become truth simply because we have spoken them, then we can criminalize anyone that does not ascribe to our new religion. After all, every society requires some sort of morality, and for the secular humanist to convince others to worship them they must be offering something. So they offer things like: “vote for me and I’ll help the poor so you don’t have to feel bad about not helping them.” Or: “vote for me and I’ll give you ‘income equality’ because unlike the real world, in my world the talents God gave you have nothing to do with what you should be doing with your life.”

As this ideology expands it becomes the definition of character and, if allowed to, it will ultimately outlaw any expression of faith in objective morality, especially very accurate and powerful morality such as that which Jesus taught. It has to, because the existence of objective morality trumps subjective morality and therefore is the greatest threat to it. Just like the existence of actual competence and capability is the greatest threat to the assigned and artificial capability that the warlocks and witches of the coven of socialism must be able to dole out at their discretion (as atheist Ayn Rand points out).  For them, they must take the place of God for all of this to work. For them, God is their biggest enemy, and if God is their enemy which side would you choose?

We see this everywhere now. The definition of the scientific method has now devolved into a popularity contest where members of an aristocracy cast their votes on which theories (or more often, which individuals) they want society to believe. Their very membership in the aforementioned aristocracy is based on their allegiance to the ideologies it now entails. Again, the greatest enemy? God. Our own Creator and Father is their greatest enemy and because their “science” is based on lies, their prophecies seldom if ever come true. They are false prophets, they are a coven of witches and warlocks.

So the two issues above are one-and-the-same. In fact, all aspects of this are one-and-the-same. They are humanism, they are witchcraft, they are satanism. The main difference between socialism and communism is forced atheism. The rest is trivial. Once Government becomes a god to society (socialism), then it is powerful enough to make itself the only god (communism).  As we’ve seen historically, government is no god that nature recognizes, nor genetics, nor the Holy Spirit. Hence for all its arrogance (the root of all sin) it is doomed to fail miserably.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post Genesis 6. Well let’s look at more of that, here:

“Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”” – Genesis 6:3

Wouldn’t you say that contending with the Spirit of God is exactly what we do? Especially as a society? That same chapter goes on to say: “…that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.”  Isn’t that telling? If society naturally “contends”, if every thought of the human heart is “evil all the time”, then how can such a society not attempt to rewrite morality to fit its own whims? How can society not attempt to become gods and then-after the only god? (read Revelation 13 in this context) Rest assured, many today are already defining character as ideology and prefer the ideology of Antichrist. Therefore to be like Christ must and is being criminalized in new ways daily. Especially by the coven of 21st Century Witchcraft.

If you aren’t exhausted by the above, in his latest post Matt Walsh takes on attempts to rewrite Christ’s moral code here:

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Ties that Bind – 10 things that are trying to enslave you.

10 things that make you a slave

This post may be a bit uncharacteristic. I’m not a fan of lists like this because the nuances of each of our individual struggles render such oversimplifications mostly trite. That being said this topic has been nagging my conscience and it’s worth the risk to calm my heart.

Before attempting to create a possibly trite list of general things that are trying to enslave or snare you, I’d like to mention the powers that are wielded for this purpose.

First, many of these “powers” are biological or at least have some grip in our biology. That’s no surprise and really nothing new. The effects of chemicals like dopamine are well known and written about all over the internet. I’ll only add that from a theological perspective these chemicals act to maintain an animal instinct that cannot please God. Biology is the “flesh” mentioned in Galatians 5:17 that “craves what is contrary to the Spirit.”

Even fear, one of the bigger factors in our propensity to be enslaved, is tied to our biology in chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline. If evil can stimulate fear within us our bodies cooperate quite efficiently in chemical subjugation. I will remind you again, our flesh “craves what is contrary to the Spirit.”

The major factor in all of this that is not directly tied to biology, at least not in any way we’ve discovered, is doubt. Doubt is the opposite of faith, and while both are partly rooted in thought processes there are really no known “doubt” chemicals. While belief (ie faith, the opposite of doubt) can trigger a chemical sense of well-being, the chemicals being stimulated (or not stimulated) are all more specialized and rather than being the source of the doubt, are just reinforcing it. In other words, the “shield of faith” from Ephesians 6 is a very tangible concept as are the “fiery darts” of the devil. When we are faithful our flesh must come into submission to that faith, but when we doubt, chemicals can wreak havoc on our flesh, much like fiery darts would.

So now that I’ve tackled the primary power to enslave us, which is doubt; doubt, that leads to fear, discontentment, and all kinds of shameless self-gratification. I will discuss some specific slave-masters for modern humans.

1. Lust – Having seen so many professed Christians fall to secret lives of sensuality in a society that makes a point to make it incredibly easy to gawk at nudity and sex without “getting caught”, it is fairly certain that for every one that gets caught there are tens if not hundreds that don’t. Yet they are enslaved. The source? I believe is doubt; here’s why.

Nietzsche declared that God is dead.
Nietzsche declared that God is dead and ended up insane like Nebuchadnezzar from Daniel 4.

A man who doubts is like a wave of the sea… (James 1:6), I mean, a man who doubts will compromise, especially when no one is looking. Why? Simple, because they actually don’t believe that anyone is looking. The Bible is full of this theme. “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” (Hebrews 11:6) This is the reason I am so determined to put this in writing, because in every case of every one of these tragic failures the disease was doubt and yet that is almost never mentioned.

In a society that rewards Christian piety but ridicules faith, it requires no faith at all to believe that someone is looking when other humans are actually looking. Therefore, many scale the ranks of the piety scoreboard quite quickly when their only belief is that they’ll be rewarded by other people. In fact, with little to no belief that anyone is watching what they do when they are alone, they will also have no reason to discuss their own shortcomings or really be honest about their private thoughts at all. By the rules of the piety game, they will appear much “better” than one who is sincerely trying to make their thought-life and their alone-life match their professions of faith. In a society that makes a game of religion, and rewards those who by its own flawed judgement perform nobly, hypocrites and sociopaths will be the all-stars (1 Timothy 4:2). Do not be deceived, those people are enslaved. Please read 1 Timothy 4, to learn more about them. Also consider carefully what this means for The Church (all believers) in societies that do not reward their public professions, but rather persecute them. More on that in a bit.

Founder of Facebook
Ironic that for all of the “popularity” that Facebook peddles, it was invented by this guy.

2. Social Media – In perhaps a futile attempt to be current and relevant I want to mention social media as a slave driver. The power here is again fear. Fear of getting “left out” and fear of being perceived as “no fun” or “anti-social”. Even fear of “missing out”. There are different ways of describing these fears that sound much more convincing, like : “It’s a great way to stay connected with family.” Good luck with that. Even if your only friends are family you can be sure that the social media machine will never stop nagging you to connect with more and more. The other convincing argument for social media is: “everything in moderation”, whenever I hear that argument my first thought is I wonder how many believing wives have convinced themselves that their husbands’ use of pornography is ok because it’s in “moderation”? The thing about these slave drivers is their entire goal is to get beyond moderation. Sure, they’ll tell you that you’re free to go whenever you please, but you show me someone hooked on Facebook that really is free to go for more than a few hours at a time. They aren’t free.

Wide Road
The wide easy way is the way that most go, and it leads to destruction.

3. Government – This one has only recently become so clear to me, even surreal, because it really is bizarre how this works. Secular (agnostic, faithless) thought declares that the majority of society dictates morality. It’s fascinating to me how thoroughly I had believed this nonsense. It’s impossible to reconcile this with following Jesus. Jesus teaches that morality comes from God alone and His will. Jesus also goes on to warn that morality is only found on the narrow path, and that few find that path. He outright warns that most people choose the road that leads to destruction. So the idea that a majority rules government could ever be a force for “good” is illogical. Even if we somehow got a “good king” how long could it last? Remember the lesson from Samuel, God did not want His people to need any king. Yet because of their unbelief they demanded one. After all, they could see their “king” and they couldn’t see God, so the majority were satisfied. Please consider this carefully if you are ever tempted to partner with the government to “do God’s will”. Please consider what this means for your choosing where to donate based on their “tax exempt” status. Sure, give to Caesar what is Caesar’s but give to God what is God’s. Don’t doubt for a second, the Government’s intention is to become your god. Historically it has yet to ever not be the case, only now, with technology such as it is, the government is more omniscient and omnipotent than ever. Stuff right out of Revelation.

Foodie? WWJD?4. Food – “…do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink…” Matthew 6:25-35. I have met a lot of “foodie” Christians. It’s trendy these days to be a connoisseur. There are shows on TV and readily available foreign cuisine that cultivates this pretentious lifestyle. A great degree of multi-cultural pride comes from the ability to operate chopsticks, to pronounce the native names of Thai dishes correctly, or even just to know which products are GMO and which are not. Perhaps this is the one area where one might concede “everything in moderation” however, by referring to oneself as a “foodie” I would suggest some folks are advertising something quite beyond moderation. Take a read of Matthew 15:11, and consider this carefully. If some people put half the care into the words they say as they do the food they eat, wouldn’t God be much more pleased?

gossip stinks

5. Gossip – I am consistently struck by the popularity of slanderous gossip among Christians. It’s almost like some are trying to get back all of the “fun” they lose out on by not being a philanderer or brawler by tearing apart people’s reputations for fun. I’m talking about men and women here, but I’ve really seen it from men, who claim to be “offering advice” or “just wanting to caution” … as they attempt to generate contempt for their enemies as a means to elevate themselves. I have to again go back to #1 above and say that this is more “doubt” talking. Someone who honestly believes that their motives and thoughts are not being judged because they actually don’t believe in God. After all, if it weren’t for all the doubt, wouldn’t they realize that God doesn’t need their intrigues to bring about His will for them? Unfortunately, slanderous gossips aren’t often concerned about God’s will for them, they are usually concerned about their own will being done. Ephesians 5, another great section to leave my ramblings to read, in verse 11, it warns us to “have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness”. Godly people are leaving corrupt institutional churches in droves because of these dynamics. When asked their “religious affiliation” they are putting “none” because they do not want to be associated with the gossip machines that are our polluted and politicized institutions. I’ve yet to spend more than a few weeks in any fellowship that I do not end up offending someone by rejecting their “warnings” about someone or another. Not long after, I become the one they’re gossiping about. It’s a vicious cycle that can only be stopped by faith. Faith that God judges hearts and not mere appearances and has a much better warning system (the Holy Spirit) than your grapevine.

We recommend the movie 6. Entertainment – 
Let me take a second here to recommend a great movie. No joke, this movie I believe is edifying and worth while. It’s called “Brother White”  (2012), and actually demonstrates – in the Christian upper-b++-film sort of slightly cheesy way – some of the principles I’m touching on here. We recommend Or maybe “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry” (2008)… Again, slightly cheesy, but again a common theme. Rather than tear low people down further, how about doing what Jesus said? How about praying for those who persecute us?

It may sound a bit hypocritical, but my plugs above are sincere because entertainment is very clearly an “in moderation” sort of thing. We know that humans have enjoyed entertainment for as long as we have history. Even David “danced” and played instruments… Yet entertainment can also entice and enslave us.

Larry Norman wrote a song called: “Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music” in response to Elvis Presley after recognizing black Church cultural influence in Elvis’ music. White Christian church leaders segregated and unaware of what Jesus was doing decided a lot of things about entertainment without inspiration. In the process losing a lot of what is edifying and enlightening.

we recommend pureflixThat all being said, Larry Norman is right, if we hope to avoid the dark side of entertainment we have to develop an affinity for cheesy b++ quality. The devil may not have all “the good music” or movies or books, but he does have most of them because he has most of the people.

We’ve been enjoying “Pure Flix” as a family and can recommend it for movies like we mentioned above. Though unfortunately, the selection is sparse.

technology can be dangerous7. Technology – This may be a bit more of a general category, but I want to point out that technology does go beyond social media and internet pornography. The Amish believers have recognized that really any human technological advancement can be a threat to our contentment. Anything that speeds things up to a point that we lose something else in the process. For instance, take a simple Google Search. We used to use encyclopedias which included long and well researched descriptions of topics. Now we have Google and get all that and dozens or even hundreds of opinions on just about anything all at once. It’s like having a supercomputer for a brain. Unfortunately, it degrades the age old art of contemplation as we fall almost arbitrarily through the web (pun intended) of random thoughts, politically motivated “science” and sometimes downright deceptive web pages. Don’t underestimate the wisdom of the Amish. We may find that mental health is severely threatened by these seemingly good ideas of human ingenuity. I’m not sure I need to remove the rubber tires from my tractor to avoid that pitfall, but I do respect their reasoning. When work moves slowly, and requires many hands to make it light, then work becomes fellowship to be enjoyed the same as any other aspect of life. I’ve seen this in rural Himalyan villages, and it’s something that Amish people deliberately value and maintain. Not because of ignorance, but because of wisdom that warns them not to become enslaved to convenience.

8. Discontentment – Yoda warns: “The fear of loss is a path to the Dark Side.” Yet before we ever get to where we’re afraid to lose something we’re striving to get that thing in the first place. A terrible cycle discontentment is. (Great, now I’m writing like Yoda). It’s true, we strive and strive for a new car, only to then obsess about it getting scratched. How enslaving. Discontentment is a topic seldom discussed in churches because we live in such a materialistic culture. People in America are far too rich to tolerate advice against luxury, so our institutions fire or squelch anyone that would teach such things and promote the likes of Joel Osteen. The prosperity gospel preacher that attempts to turn spiritual hunger into a form of capitalism. As heretical and Antichrist as his teachings are, they work in America because we are gluttonous and always have an appetite for more. People enslaved by materialism will be enslaved to voices and teachings like Osteen’s as is demonstrated by his loyal following. Osteen offers a circular reasoning answer to faith and doubt. He contends that our prosperity demonstrates blessing which proves our faith. If that were true then every rich man would be faithful and the poor would be faithless. Consider this, Jesus was poor, and He said that it’s very difficult for a rich man to go to heaven. Osteen on the other hand…??? Well, like I said, Antichrist.

9. Animals – This is another topic that I have not seen mentioned very often, probably because it will be unpopular, but animals are NOT people. animals are not peopleNo matter how cute your snickerkapoodle can be decorated remember that dolls and idols can be decorated too. In fact, many animistic religions will decorate trees, and even rocks. This is not following Jesus. Not once did Jesus condemn the slaughter of animals for food or promote elevating animals to “child” status. In the entire Bible a handful of verses speak to the “stewardship” of animals but none to the humanization of them. Even when Balaam’s donkey spoke, the context was a warning from God, not evidence of the donkey’s own intelligence.

The idea that animals have “rights” is animistic and secular and has very little place in a Christian worldview. The enslaving quality of elevating animals to sentience – which has already happened in our society – is that people then spend efforts that would better be spent in defense of the rights of the unborn humans, demonizing anyone that would leave their dog outside in the snow. Consider the antichristianity of this! Kill unborn babies, but never-ever let an animal sleep outside? It’s madness that can only be inspired by the father of lies himself. Again, doubt is the root of this. For those that do not believe God, many will fill the hole left with morality based on “cuteness” or “cuddliness”.  The extreme of this being animistic Buddhism in which even insects and plants are sentient. As opposed to the Biblical mandate that “you are worth more than many sparrows.” (Matthew 10:31)

Such godlessness (doubt) is to be expected from secular humanism and man-made religion, but not from Christians. “His eye is on the sparrow”, so pointlessly cruel treatment of animals doesn’t honor God any more than pointless destruction of usable land. Yet the modern philosophy that animals have rights, go to heaven, and all that is simply not Biblical. In all of the Biblical imagery of animals in heaven – for instance Jesus riding a white horse – even when taken literally the horse is no different than an inanimate vehicle.  Jesus is also pictured as having a sword coming from his mouth. Does that prove that swords are sentient too, do they “die and go to heaven”?

At this point I’m sure I’ve angered someone that claims to believe God but who is also certain that their labrodroople has contemplated whether a tree falling in the forest makes sound when no one is around, all while using its tongue as toilet tissue. Rather than storming off in a fit I welcome you to cite some scripture that explains why kitty comfort is as worthy a cause as protecting unborn children, or feeding the ones who have been born? If you’re a nonbeliever that stumbled on this site, of course you think that, because you don’t believe God is real, and this isn’t written to you. Carry on.

10. Doing good things – Oh so much can be said here. Everyone wants to keep score. How much I did today compared to how much you did today. Those especially enamored with seeming good are experts at this because their thought-life can be as vile as any and they can still play the “doing good things” game. Those whose agnosticism leads them to every-so-often worry that God is watching, they’ll go through cycles of trying to offer one good thing for every bad thing they are trying to balance out of the equation. What a blatant example of slavery and doubt. If we would only believe God we’d know He’s watching all of the time and sees everything. We wouldn’t care if anyone knew how great we are because we already know He does and when we know that then what else matters? Yet again, enslaved.

filthy rags

In conclusion –
All of the above point to doubt. Doubt is the disease that plagues all of mankind. Unbelief or sporadic belief leads to godless and sporadic behavior. That cycle advances on more than just the 10 fronts listed above, but a continuous and infinite spectrum of fronts. Of different combinations of all of the above and then some. Eating away at our resolve and at budding faith until there is none of either, only slavery. Without faith, we are all doomed to slavery, not because “God torments us” but because we choose it. I’ve said this before and still believe it. The pride of Lucifer is the root of all evil, it’s that same pride that leads to faithlessness and it’s that faithlessness that leads to all of the above, and then some.

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