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Lessons From A Skunk

skunks are meanWe caught another skunk in our barn. Having never lived somewhere where skunks were a problem like they are here I wasn’t sure what to do. Growing up, we had rats and possums, but not skunks. So catching a rat or possum in a live trap, I knew how to deal with it, but a scary skunk? Not so much.

In fact, despite my rural heritage I knew so little about skunks that Continue reading Lessons From A Skunk

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What you want to do right now & what you’ll wish you’d done tomorrow.

What you want to do now and what you'll wish you did tomorrow.This seems like such a simple concept, but it makes and breaks people everyday. The difference between success and failure, joy and shame, wealth and poverty and so many other things lies in the difference between what you want to do now and what you’ll wish you did tomorrow.

Seeking God, praying, and reading scripture are some of the ways we can reconcile tomorrow with today. That process adjusts our priorities and motivates our desires in incredible ways. Continue reading What you want to do right now & what you’ll wish you’d done tomorrow.

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Generation Selfie

“…but for all those people who don’t have a relationship with God that is your relationship, what do they do?” – Whoopi Goldberg

generation selfie
Whoopi seems to think that because people that ignore God are afraid that our faith is a problem. It was a momentary look into the mind of a non-believer and a hint at why faithless people so often find themselves at odds with people of faith. The fact that we are happy and they are not makes them feel like victims. Victims of us. Continue reading Generation Selfie

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Come out of her God’s people.

come out of her my peopleIt’s the late 1700s and Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great, rules Russia. She ruled Russia for more than 30 years.

During her reign she oversaw the development of areas of Southern Russia. At this point in history European pacifist Christians were being persecuted Continue reading Come out of her God’s people.

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When Cain Killed Abel

can killed abel and this envy and hatred has been rampant ever since.Cain killed Abel and this envy and hatred has been rampant ever since.

Last year I wrote an article that touched on the story of Cain and Abel and how it applies to the battle unfolding in modern times. Recent events continue to confirm that side-note from my post last year and merit further elaboration.

It’s no surprise to any believer that the 1st commandment is meaningless to atheists and agnostics alike. Putting God first is a value that is exclusive to believers Continue reading When Cain Killed Abel

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Tyranny, Toilets, and Tolerance

obama toiletsIf you are reading this you’ll not need help realizing that our nation is in trouble. In fact, we’re just preaching to the choir when it comes to the corruption of our nation’s leadership. They see us as sheep that “can’t handle the truth” so they don’t tell the truth.  What I hope is that as you read this post you won’t only let it reinforce what you already know, but that you’ll possibly adjust your strategy for responding to it. Continue reading Tyranny, Toilets, and Tolerance

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Most Gays Are Born That Way

homosexuality and genes, people are born male or female factOf course, I mean born with specialized XX or XY chromosomes just like everyone else. They are special, just like everyone else.

A human’s gender in 99.95% of live births is a matter of absolute scientific fact from the day of their birth. It is also a matter of scientific fact that human gender does not change, but remains for the duration of ones life. This is a scientific fact for not only humans but virtually all mammals.

Given the above, what do we say about the claim that those that are skeptical of the theories of global warming and vaccine induced herd immunity are “flat-earthers” and should be “criminalized”? If those that doubt such shaky theories are to be mocked and prosecuted, then how much worse should anyone that claims that XX and XY are not the factual determination of ones gender? Continue reading Most Gays Are Born That Way

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When Retirement Becomes Too Important

retirement vs. progenyBeing responsible is a virtue, but can also be incredibly selfish when it is no more than a means to an end. Personal responsibility used to be a necessity. Failing to provide for oneself could result in discomfort and even death. However, with modern “progress” as we know it the necessity of personal responsibility has become more optional and with that even those that practice it do so with a great degree of misunderstanding of its purpose. Much like a modern yuppy running on a treadmill or pumping iron on some fancy piece of modern “fitness furniture” rather than doing actual productive work, those practicing fiscal responsibility today have engaged in a very synthetic process. Continue reading When Retirement Becomes Too Important

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Jezebel + Ahab = Fail

ahab + jezebel = failThere’s a saying that The Church cannot be destroyed from the outside. The point being that if it fails, it fails from the inside. I’ve personally witnessed a lot of these failures. Not just in different churches, but in families, partnerships, workplaces, schools, and other ministries. The culprit can usually be summarized as some combination of a Jezebel spirit and an Ahab spirit. Here’s why. Continue reading Jezebel + Ahab = Fail

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