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Happy Independence Day. This post will serve as a brief indulgence as I geek-out yet again on science. If this isn’t your cup-a-tea please spare yourself the agony, put down your “smart” phone, and get to the yard work and grill scraping. I’ll be right behind you.

21st century idolatry, science worship
Above pictured is Poussin’s rendition of worshiping the golden calf. Look at them celebrate and revel in the self-assurance that comes from having made ones own god with ones own hands. Beware, our 21st century golden-calves are far more offensive and destructive than the one the Israelites erected in the desert. The manufactured and temporary perspective of the above revelers has nothing on what our globalized technological machine has produced for us. Manufactured, because idols are by definition man-made, and temporary because they never live up to their exaggerated billing. Continue reading Perspective

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Your SCOTUS loves money and hates babies.

scotus legalizes bribery and corruptionCongratulations America, the Supreme Court justices unanimously believe that receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars because of your public prominence is perfectly legal because (wink-wink), nobody can prove that your actions have been bought. Simultaneously they do not believe that a sovereign state has any right to exercise regulatory oversight to lethal procedures performed by those licensed within their borders. Your drainage ditch can be regulated, but medical procedures cannot? Emperor SCOTUS has spoken.

The irony of the attached image is really incredible. The site is called “conservatives are destroying our future”. Incredible. From a secular perspective what sort of vile arrogance must one have to believe that the values that made America great are contemptible enough to “destroy America?” Continue reading Your SCOTUS loves money and hates babies.

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Most Gays Are Born That Way

homosexuality and genes, people are born male or female factOf course, I mean born with specialized XX or XY chromosomes just like everyone else. They are special, just like everyone else.

A human’s gender in 99.95% of live births is a matter of absolute scientific fact from the day of their birth. It is also a matter of scientific fact that human gender does not change, but remains for the duration of ones life. This is a scientific fact for not only humans but virtually all mammals.

Given the above, what do we say about the claim that those that are skeptical of the theories of global warming and vaccine induced herd immunity are “flat-earthers” and should be “criminalized”? If those that doubt such shaky theories are to be mocked and prosecuted, then how much worse should anyone that claims that XX and XY are not the factual determination of ones gender? Continue reading Most Gays Are Born That Way

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The Problem With The Gravity Wave Claim

Gravity Wave Not VerifiedIn a recent post we discussed some problems with information age science. Specifically, that via electronic peer-pressure we have all but eradicated the scientific method in favor of a popularity contest in it’s place. Not so dissimilar to Facebook likes, theories are currently ranked, not by merit, but by popularity. Continue reading The Problem With The Gravity Wave Claim

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“Editing” Embryos, Ethnic Cleansing for the 21st Century

Embryo Mutilation Ethnic CleansingThe HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) in the UK has opened Pandora’s Box further than ever by authorizing human fetus mutilation via the CRISPR/Cas9 process in a race between science and morality as though the two must necessarily be mutually exclusive. 2016 is really set to be a horror show – as we know – nowadays science always “wins” that race. Continue reading “Editing” Embryos, Ethnic Cleansing for the 21st Century

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The Bottom of the Downward Spiral

downward spiralMore evidence of the steep end-times downward spiral appears every day. The character of human beings has been shipwrecked. There isn’t much time left.

Maybe 5 years, maybe 10, even maybe 50, but it seems quite clear that not a generation will pass, not even half of a generation at this point, before the image of God has been thoroughly snuffed out, squelched, and eradicated. At which point man will no longer have any purpose. The warning of Babel, of humans seeking their own glory. The warning of Lucifer, whose pride was his sole vice. These are now on display hourly. Not just by individuals, but by entire societies. Continue reading The Bottom of the Downward Spiral

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21st Century Atheist Faith & Religion Explained

21st century atheist religionThis article is written exclusively to creationists. Specifically, creationists who read more than a few sentences at a time. The assumptions (belief, faith, even trust) made herein are based on the theory of creationism, which postulates that the universe was – at minimum – designed by an intelligent designer. A theory consistent with the known laws of physics, such as the first & second laws of thermodynamics. Since the violation of these known laws has never been observed, we consider it anti-scientific to support any theory that assumes that said laws were violated. If you are not a creationist, you are hereby warned and forbidden to continue reading. You have chosen to make assumptions that violate the scientific method. You have chosen the weaker theory and are most likely delusional. So please retreat to one of your infamous echo-chambers. Perhaps spend this time with your dear leaders & priests at RationalWiki. They will certainly encourage and enable your religious trust, beliefs, and faith in the unobserved circumstances which justify ignorance of the known laws of physics. In other words, you’ll enjoy your time there much more than continuing here. Continue reading 21st Century Atheist Faith & Religion Explained

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The Life Expectancy Lie

babies in wombI know it’s Christmas Eve and everyone will be wanting to read something jolly today. If so, please save this for the new year as your thoughts turn to the condition of our world.

In my last podcast I shared a bit about the humanistic and atheistic arrogance of our medical community and as usual I continued to research the statements I made afterward to be sure that I did not mislead. Unlike edits and retractions that I may have to sometimes post, in this case, my mistake was to understate the problem and rather than continue to discuss our nation’s vaccination tower of Babel, I’d like to point out an even bigger lie that some of this is based on. The claim that medical science is to thank for “longer life expectancy.” Continue reading The Life Expectancy Lie

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“…to run for president and believe in creationism … is kinda weird.”

Geraldo Rivera laid out his qualifications for the President of the United States, and among them: you cannot believe in God. This is where we are today. He knows that statement will make him popular with many Americans, maybe even most Americans. It’s no longer that people are free to have different opinions on this topic. It has come to where if you are a believer, you are “weird”.

A few weeks ago I had the severely disturbing and disappointing trauma of hearing a keynote speaker at a healthcare conference announce that family values and patriotism are outdated and stand in the way of progress. He went on to explain that as we progress, with great thanks to the Occupy Movement, we’ll see employers stop hiring for skills and focus more on hiring for ideology. Ability will become a bad word because ability is God given and cannot be controlled the way propaganda can. Those who are “Able” are about to be hunted down and destroyed by those who are “Cain”.

Atheist Ayn Rand predicted this outcome of government in her 1950s epic novel “Atlas Shrugged”. Within 1000+ humanistic pages that never so much as hint at anything concerning faith in the supernatural, she presents the same inevitability with venomous contempt. The inevitability that when people set out to control others they must discredit those ideologically opposed to them, especially if those people are smarter and better than the ones trying to control them.

I bring attention to Ayn Rand’s atheism because my position will fallaciously be written off as “religious dogma”, so it must be balanced out. Trying to accuse Ayn Rand of “religious dogma” would be like accusing a woman of being misogynistic. Though propagandists will anyway.

One of the deep and convincing aspects of the gospel story of Jesus Christ is the accurate portrayal of how society responded to Him. If He could raise people from the dead, cause the blind to see, and forgive the sins of the world, then the political goons simply had no choice, either control his ideology, or kill Him off. They weren’t as smart as Him, they weren’t as wise as Him, and they were nowhere near as powerful as Him. So just like Satan, they had to contend with Him because they were/are evil.

In Ayn Rand’s revelation, society reaches a “progressive apex” wherein they’ve determined that human brilliance is no different than any other commodity. That it doesn’t belong to the individual, but to all of society (code for the few that decide what’s “best” for the many), and therefore the much-less-than-brilliant that wish to rule should have more say in the use of other people’s minds than they do. The contemptuous term “looters” is used throughout the story to describe them. Almost like the “copper tops” of the excellent story conveyed in “The Matrix” everyone that submits to the collective becomes inextricably guilty of the worst of that collective’s crimes. In Rand’s world, even if you weren’t born with intelligence or strength that allowed you to excel beyond your peers, you still could participate with them so long as you did not support the “looting” of their minds. Otherwise, you were as guilty as the rest.

In modern times much of the world despises America. Just recently a hospital in Afghanistan was bombed by American forces (yes, despite the photo-ops and deceptive claims, we’re still operating there many years after our esteemed leader won his Nobel Prize). Are we part of that? Unfortunately, we are. All of us. When a child that is orphaned by such an attack, the child of a doctor volunteering with Doctors Without Borders, grows to hate Americans, America, and everything we represent, ask yourself what would you do? With our leadership running all over the nation taking photo-ops to push domestic policy priorities. After silently allowing them to fire off anyone that was ideologically opposed to them so that they can go on operating with irrational and arrogant self-interests. We become no different than the people doomed in the Winston Tunnel by one bloviating politician:

“The man in Bedroom A, Car No. 1, was a professor of sociology who taught that individual ability is of no consequence…

The man in Roomette 7, Car No. 2, was a journalist who wrote that it is proper and moral to use compulsion ‘for a good cause’ who believed that he had the right to unleash physical force upon others – to wreck lives, throttle ambitions, strangle desires, violate convictions, to imprison, to despoil, to murder – for the sake of whatever he chose to consider as his own idea of ‘a good cause’…

The woman in Roomette 10, Car No.3, was an elderly schoolteacher who had spent her life turning class after class of helpless children into miserable cowards, by teaching them that the will of the majority is the only standard of good and evil…

The man in Drawing Room B, Car No. 4, was a newspaper publisher who believed that men are evil by nature and unfit for freedom…” (and the list goes on…)

Each of those are shortened, and I encourage you to find the uncut version of this. She may not have believed in God, but she sure believed in intellectual honesty, and her work is full of just that. I do hope that at some point in her life she discovered that God exists far beyond our intellect and that her intellect hadn’t dis-proven God, quite to the contrary, she only managed to demonstrate how much higher and how much greater He is than we are. She proved the existence of evil, and of Satan himself. The same snake that temped Eve, and Cain, can be seen in the actions of Wesley Mouch as he turns his every ability to trying to seize everyone else’s.

I believe in God. I believe He is the source of our “talents” and He does not delegate this to power lusting politicians. I believe what we are witnessing now was concisely demonstrated when Cain killed Abel. It’s even ironic that “Able” was Abel’s name. The “able” among us are allocated our talents to serve God. Those who – like Cain – reject God will and do become our mortal enemies. There are many that are not “able” or worse, twist the talents they were given into tools for subjugation. As they focus their efforts on discrediting the able and willing among us, any good they could have done dwindles to nothing and soon becomes outright havoc.

We are seeing the beginnings of persecution of Christians like we’ve never imagined. The gunman in Oregon that inspired Geraldo’s position against Dr. Ben Carson was lining up people and asking them if they were Christian, and killing them if they said they were. That disturbing reality was not as newsworthy for our leadership as the opportunity to disarm citizens. So ironically Mr. Rivera goes on to declare that creationists are “weird” almost encouraging more “culling” of the “backward” Christian population that stands between him and his Utopian dream. It is this kind of contempt that encourages me to affirm my support of Dr. Ben Carson for President of the United States and to leave you with these words from Christ Himself:

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” – Matthew 5:11

Random kudos to Matt Walsh for this article:

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